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Surrendering to the Will of God is UNIVERSAL and NATURAL

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Islam Is Universal

Amrin Batubara

Abstract: Islam is universal. It is a complete way of life which is in harmony with the natural order of nature and existence. It is really a natural law the entire universe must obey to conform to the standards of order and peace. Allah has revealed his guidance to humans in the form of a book called the Qur’an which is an instruction for elevating a person’s mind and heart to a higher level and to a stage which allows humans to escape the hold of their animal instincts and to stand forth for the right and to forbid the wrong. In addition, Allah has chosen Islam humans’ blessing way of life (Qur’an, 5:3). Therefore, this is the way humans must follow themselves. As a matter of fact, Islam is both peace and surender which means when you surrender your will to Allah, you will find peace in your soul.

Key words: Allah, Islam, Qur’an, universal.

Islam ia a complete way of life that is patterned after the natural trend in the uneverse. In fact, it is in harmony with the natural order of nature and existence. Therefore, Islam means both peace and surrender. This means that when you surrender your will to Allah, a Being Who is beyond our puny comprehension, you will find peace in your soul.
Allah caused the universe to come into existence, and set up natural laws and ordered the functioning of matter in accordance with His will. In this way, we can say that the entire universe is Muslim, e.i. it is surrendered to His will. Furthermore, a Muslim, then, is a self-surrendered one who is attaining peace.
On certain planets and at certain times, Allah allowed living organisms to develop. After the passage of much time, Allah willed the development of human beings who agreed to accept the burden of consciuosness and self-awareness. They were to be unlike any other creature before them. As a matter of fact, they were to possess intelligence or the ability to reason and free-will or chooing the course of their own actions. Furthermore, human beings would be given the choice of how to live their lives, and the binding chains of instinct were loosend.
Allah created the universe free of disorder and chaos, and Allah created human beings with a will to survive and a mind to understand, and with intelligence and free-will. This means that human beings could choose to conform to the standards of order and peace or mire themselves in the pit of distruction. In other words, they can choose whether to use their higher order faculties or to descend to the level of a beast, an intelligent one no less.
Actually, the way of life which Allah wants human beings to choose is the one in which they use their intellect and emotions in the pursuit of the higher truth of the universe created by Allah. There must be no giving in to anger, hatred, violence and greed. All the base emotions must be conquered and controlled (Qur’an, 45:22, 46:3). As a matter of fact, the task of humans in this life is to surrender their wills to the perfect will of Allah, and do what is morally right to their fellow living beings. However, all too often, humans have let themselves be temted by their low desires resulting in war, hatred and chaos on the earth which is the opposite of peace.
In order to facilitate the understanding of and selection of a blessing way of life, Allah has revealed his guidance to humans, from time to time, and sometimes even put it in the hearts of people to write these messages down. Actually, the only one of these masseges that has been preserved in its original form has been the Holy Qur’an. The Qur’an is an instruction book for elevating a person’s mind and heart to a higher level, to a stage which allows them to escape the hold of their animal instincts and to stand forth for the right and forbid the wrong. Allah said, “This Qur’an guides to what is right and gives good news to the believers, who perform good actions, that they will have a splendid reward” (Qur’an, 17:9). Further more, In this Holy Qur’an, Allah has said “ This day have I perfected your way of life for you and completed My favour upon you. I have chosen Islam your way of life.” (Qur’an, 5:3). Therefore, this is the way humans must follow themselves.
Those who adhere to Allah’s way of life and accord with the universal law of Allah are promised a reward when their souls journey to the next life. Those who deny this truth will receive a punishment for choosing to turn their backs on what is real. For they not only rejected Allah’s guides, but they also rejected their very nature which prompts them to good. They preferred to cover themselves in shame and evil (Qur’an, 6: 113-117).
In the end, when the life of the universe comes to an end, and Allah collapses all matter back into its primordial origins, then every sentient creature will be assembled together on the Day of Judgment where they will be shown what they did and why they diserve to be punished or rewarded. The fact that, humans are not perfect and never will be (Qur’an, 70:19); and Allah, of course, knows what He created; therefore, for those who had at least some sincerity, there will be forgiveness of their devious deeds and mercy shown.
Islam is a way of live Allah established from the beginning. It is the code of living taught by all Prophets and wise people throughout history. It went by different names and included different rituals according to the customs and age of the people in question, but it always contained the same core message: Surrender to the universal way and do what is right.
To study Islam one must begin with the Qur’an and use it at every stage. Only then can a true understanding of our life and ultimate destiny be achieved. As a matter of fact, the Qur’an is the source of guidance and the life of the Prophet who bore it is the example of how to put it into practice.
Last but not least, lets hope and pray for the mercy and reward of our Lord. May Allah grant us the best in this short life of ours, and may Allah grant us the best in Paradise. Not according to what we deserve, which is trifling, but according to Allah mercy and compassion. May Allah protect us from punishment of the grave and the trials of the Day of Judgment. In addition, lets think long and ponder over why us alive and how soon we will die. Insha’llah, we will all have lives that are useful in the Cause of Allah. Amin.
To make sure that you have understood the article, try to answer these questions for review:

1. How would you define Islam and Qur’an?
2. Why can the whole universe be described as Muslim?
3. How does Allah help humans to know right ways from wrong ways?
4. What is special about the Qur’an?
5. What is the purpose of our lives?
6. What are the best two sources to use when studying Islam? And why?


The Holy Qur’an

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